The company “Parlor”, sc PARLOR STORE srl, a company organized and existing under the laws of Romania, with registered office in Bucharest 6th Silvestru Street, registered with the Trade Registry under No. RO 24144011, Sole Registration Code J40/11702/2008, tel. +40212105458, e-mail [email protected].

“Company” is registered with the Registry of Personal Data Processing Records under No.

According to the requirements of Law No. 677/2001 for the protection of persons in relation to personal data processing and the free circulation of such data, as amended and supplemented (hereinafter “Law 677/2001”), the Company must manage under safety conditions and only for the specified purposes the personal data that you provide to us via the Website.

Personal data protection is a priority for the Company. We value your trust and this is why we apply the highest standards of protection to your personal data. The storage of your personal data on the Company’s servers is made in accordance with the legal standards of security and protection against unauthorized access.

By its personal data protection policy, the Company seeks to comply with the provisions of relevant Romanian laws, in particular the provisions of Law No. 677/2001 and Law No. 506/2004 on personal data processing and the protection of private life in electronic communications. As regards the processing of your personal data, the Company acknowledges and observes your rights under Law No. 677/2001, including, without limitation, the right to access the data, the right to change the data and the right to oppose.

We will further detail how the Company processes your personal data. Unless otherwise expressly defined herein, capitalized terms shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms & Conditions of Online Store.

If you do not agree to the processing of data in accordance with this Confidentiality Policy, you are kindly asked to cease using this Website.
  1. The Company shall collect and process your personal data on: name and forename, mail address, e-mail address, Website conduct, prior Orders placed on the Website or other elements required for the provision of Company’s services, personal identification number (CNP). Also, the Server Log Files of the Website store the information automatically provided by your computer, i.e., your browser version, operation system, URL address (previously visited page), IP address, time when the server was accessed. For the purpose of this Confidentiality Policy, the data and information herein provided shall be collectively called the “Personal Data”.
  2. Personal Data are collected in order to (a) take, validate, ship and invoice the Order, (b) execute and perform the Contract, (c) solve requests for cancellation or any kind of issues concerning an Order or a Contract, (d) provide information on an Order and Company’s promotional campaigns (”
    Newsletters“), and (e) make various statistical analyses (including in order to improve the browsing experience or Company’s services).
  3. The Company undertakes to use the collected Personal Data only in accordance with the declared purposes and not to make public, sell, lease, license, transfer, etc. the database of Personal Data to any third party which is not involved in the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes. For the avoidance of any doubt, the bank card processor(s) agreed by the Company shall be considered third party/parties involved and therefore shall be entitled to access/see any type of data/documents generated further to an issued Order, cancelled Order, Contract, cancelled Contract or fulfilled Contract.
  4. Competent authorities’ request to transfer/access/see etc. the Personal Data in the cases provided by the laws in force shall be an exception from the provisions of item 1.3.
  5. By supplementing your data in the account creation form and/or Order form and by checking the box on the acceptance of Personal Data processing you expressly represent that you unconditionally accept for your Personal Data to be introduced in the Company’s database and be stored, used and processed for a period of 20 years by the Company and/or its contractors strictly for the aforementioned purposes.
    1. Your trust is very important for our Company. This is why, during work hours, we are available to provide additional information on the processing of your Personal Data by the Company. You are entitled to receive information on the Website data, origin and recipients, purpose, period and data processing methods. If you wish to receive information on the recorded data, please contact the Customer Care Department (email: [email protected]).
    2. You are also entitled to request and obtain, free of charge: (a) once a year, a confirmation that the Company processes your data or not, and (b) as the case may be, the rectification, update, blocking or deletion of your Personal Data the processing of which is not compliant with the law, in particular incomplete or inaccurate data. You can exercise this right by sending the Company a written, dated and signed request to the following address: Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania, to the attention of Administrator.
    1. According to Law No. 677/2001, you are entitled to oppose for reasonable and legitimate grounds, on a case-by-case basis, to the processing of your Personal Data. You can exercise this right by sending the Company a written, dated and signed application to the following address: Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania, to the attention of Administrator. If a grounded opposition was filed, processing can no longer envisage such data, unless otherwise provided by the law (in the cases when the Company has the legal obligation to store the Personal Data).
    2. You are also entitled to oppose at any time, free of charge and for no reason, to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes (Newsletters). You can exercise this right by sending the Company a written, dated and signed application to the following address Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania to the attention of Administrator.
    3. Data in the mandatory fields are needed for processing your requests or Orders.
    1. Company’s Newsletters and the other commercial information sent on your e-mail address allow you to remain up-to-date on the Company’s latest offers and commercial information.
    2. You will receive Company’s Newsletters and other commercial information from the Company only if you expressly agree to receive such notifications to your e-mail address. You send your e-mail address and confirm that you agree to receive commercial information by accessing the link sent to your confirmed e-mail address. Accessing this link means that you agree to:
      1. be sent commercial information by newsletter from the Website;
      2. the use of Personal Data by the Company for purposes related to the delivery of the Newsletter and other commercial information.
    3. You have access at all times to your Personal Data and can change them or choose to unsubscribe out of the newsletter or out of receiving any commercial information to your e-mail address, for no additional cost. To unsubscribe out of the Newsletter and any kind of commercial information, please use the option at the end of each Newsletter. Registered Users can unsubscribe out of the Newsletter and the other types of commercial information by accessing “Your Account” on the Website.
    4. Due to the functionality of the Company’s Newsletter, we can track information of interest for Website Users (including by cookies). The results of such analyses are used only for the purpose of improving Company’s offers.
      5. SECURITY
      1. Personal Data are processed by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security cryptographic protocol using a 256-bit key, marked by a small padlock icon at the bottom of the browser window. This technique provides a high level of data security.
      1. The Website allows payment via the Pay Pal online service by bank transfer, credit card or cash upon delivery. All payment methods are protected at the aforementioned security standards.
      2. The Website meets the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The Company does not request and store any kind of information on User’s card, which are processed directly on the servers of online payment service providers.
        7. COOKIES
        1. Cookies are files allowing the appropriate connection of the User to the Website and the easy placing of Orders, as well as the performance of statistic analyses.
        2. The cookie mechanism is an advantage for the visitor, as it can remember your website browsing options, such as the language in which the website is accessed and the type of filters at the display of certain web pages. By using cookies, the Company can analyze visitors’ interest for the sections of the Website, which allows it to further improve the browsing experience by introducing relevant content for the User, etc. Some of the Company’s business partners, for instance those that advertise on the Website, use the Website cookies. The Company does not have access to and cannot control these cookies.
        3. The User can limit or prohibit the access of cookie files to its computer by using the browser settings.
        4. The Company uses its own Cookies for the following purpose:
          1. Configuration of the services, including:
            1. adjusting Website content by reference to User’s preferences and optimizing Website use;
            2. recognition of User’s devices and User localization, as well as proper display of the Website, for personal needs;
            3. remembering the selected settings and customizing User’s interface, for instance in relation to the selected language or User’s region;
            4. remembering the history of visited web pages.
          2. User Authentication and making User’s session on the server efficient:
            1. maintaining User session (after login), which means that the User can log in automatically and does not have to introduce its user name and password every time;
            2. proper configuration of selected functions, thus allowing a detailed verification of session authenticity;
            3. chat option;
            4. ensuring the necessary processes for the Website (transactions) to be fully operational;
            5. adjusting Website content by reference to User’s preferences and optimizing the use of web pages. More precisely, these files allow the knowledge of basic parameters in User’s device and the proper loading of web pages which are of interest for the User.
          3. Remembering User’s location for proper Order processing and to detect abuses in the placing of Orders
          4. Audience analysis, research and audit
          5. Statistics help us understand how service users are using the Website. This allows us to improve Website offers.
        5. The Company uses two types of cookies:
          1. Temporary cookies, which are saved and remain in User’s computer until the session is closed. When the session is closed, they are permanently deleted from computer memory. The temporary cookie mechanism does not allow the storage of User’s personal data or other confidential information of the User.
          2. Permanent cookies: they are saved and remain in User’s computer until they are deleted. Ending the Website browsing session or closing the computer does not result in their deletion. The permanent cookie mechanism does not allow the storage of User’s personal data or other confidential information.
        6. The User can limit or deactivate the cookie files stored in its computer. Deactivating the access of Cookies does not prevent the use of the server, except for those functions which cannot be carried out without cookies, such as logging in the User’s account, acquiring products or paying for the Orders.
          1. The Company reserves the right to update and amend these Personal Data protection rules at any time and with no prior notice. The new rules shall become effective as of their publication on the Website:
          9. FORTUITOUS CASE
          1. The Company is not liable for the deficiencies caused by fortuitous events which may endanger the security of the server on which the database of Personal Data is hosted.
          10. FINAL PROVISIONS
          1. The Company is not liable for the confidentiality policy of any other third party which can be accessed by links outside the Website. The rules herein provided only apply to the data collected by the Website.

          The Company is not liable for breakdowns that can endanger the security of the server on which the database of Personal Data is hosted.